The 1957 London Austin Taxi FX3

The quintessential black cab makes a great change from standard wedding cars.

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This type of taxi cab that superseded the high lot and low loader models which had served London well during World War 2. The taxi builders started using engines other than Austin, namely Perkins etc, and it is still possible to see these taxis being driven in London today. The FX3 was, and possible still is, the quintessential black cab. This vehicle will seat four adults in the back, two seats are occasional seats like in London taxis today.

Vehicle Details

Exterior / Interior Colour:
Black / Grey & Beige
Passenger Seats:
2 Main Seats, 2 Fold Down Seats
Passenger Seat Belts Fitted:
Vehicle’s Base:
Portsmouth, Hampshire
Maximum Operating Area:
Within 50 Miles of Portsmouth
Chauffeur’s Attire:
Fully Uniformed


Local Weekend Prices from: £279 [Full, 4hrs] / £279 [A to B, 2hrs]

Local Weekday Prices from: £279 [Full, 4hrs] / £279 [A to B, 2hrs]

Local Late Availability Prices from: N/A

Is VAT to be added to this vehicle’s price: No

To calculate the price for your wedding: Full Wedding allows 4 hours from the time the car arrives to the end of the wedding and photographs. A to B is simply from the first location to the ceremony, allowing up to 2 hours.